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      • About BESHINE 

        Founded in 2009,BESHINE(Xiamen)is a innovation-oriented textile enterprises which majors in polyester,nylon weft knitting fabrics,bonded knitting fabrics and multi-blended chemical knitting fabrics.These fabrics are widely used in yoga wear,outdoor sports wear,cycling clothes,running suit,swim suit and other professional sports garment as well.We also specializing in digital printing、laser bonding、seamless manufacture for woven and knitted fabrics.

        Aimed at international fashion trend, BESHINE has introduced first-class production equipment and technology, owned strong research and development ability. We now has established efficient marketing center in Xiamen, and weaving/dyeing/post-finishing base in Shishi. As the most trusted business partner around customers, we now have build a complete business service system which facing the global market with excellent service and continually innovative products.

        Tactel,Meryl skinlife,nano-silver,sanitiged,Supplex,coffee charcoal

        ?BESHINE guarantees the using of high quality yarn,so we choose Coolmax,Thermolite,UPF50+,Tactel, Meryl skinlife, nano-silver,sanitiged,Supplex,coffee charcoal etc.as raw material.

        ?Innovative technology is the basic requirement of BESHINE.Combining with excellent Textile Dyeing and Finishing Technology,we now have developed different functional fabric with UV-proof,wind-proof,keeping warm,moisture absorption and sweat releasing,antibacterial deodorization,highly resilient,wear-resisting,high water pressure and high moisture permeability as well.

        We also specializing in digital printing、laser bonding、seamless manufacture for woven and knitted fabrics.

        Currently, sublimation printing is widely applied to many fields, including garment decoration, hand-bag, household textile(such as curtain、tablecloth、bedclothes, etc.),outdoor leisure goods(like umbrella, glove, tent, etc.),car accessories(including seat cover, sun shades, etc.),non-woven fabric, personal photos on fabrics, articles, advertisement, and flag, etc.

        Because of the seamless thread、slim and decorative feature, seamless workmanship is widely used in high-end sports wear、hand-bag、shoes and many other fields.

        ?We have a 2000 sqm production center with 12 sets of MIMAKI Digital printer,2 sets of MONTI heat press machine,12 sets of small heat press machine producing more than 60,000 sqm per month.

        As one of the leaders in digital-printing field, BESHINE take advantage of its professional & experienced team and high-end equipments to support many famous brands enhancing their reputations at home and abroad, such as ENDURA, AGU, ONEWAY SPORTS, NONAME, KV+, 2XU ,PERFORMAX, ANTA, XTEP, JORDAN SPORTS, etc.

        In order to help customers increase their market share, BESHINE always satisfy customers’ various demands, keep optimizing the equipments to improve production efficiency and cut the cost.

        Welcome to BESHINE, we are ready to serve you with our enthusiasm, high quality and good price.

        BESHINE Commitment

        To combine people enthusiasm with social responsibility, for we believe those are important factors for high-end products, to uphold working passionately and living happily philosophy, to insist on human-oriented management;and we guarantee the safety of all our raw materials, products and technology, all these pass the examinations of ITS, KAKEN, SGS

        BESHINE 100% guarantee the high quality, the delivery time and quality service.

      • BESHINE, Only for high-end products

        BESHINE brings in sublimation digital printing technology combined with standard lab dips and color assessment cabinet, to avoid weakness of traditional printing process. Now we can print all kinds of portrait to any fabrics in a short period, not limited by the colors and no need to worry about high cost of modeling and sampling. Moreover, our machine enables us to adjust the picture and color in the computer which is much easier and more precise.

        We provide one-stop service including design, CAD, pre-production sampling, to offer fast printing service to our client with high-quality digital printing products. To help our clients improve their speed and ability of serving market by solving embarrassment of small patch production and cost reduction.

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