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      • Special fabric

        To provide long-term low price, good quality for fabric, can be used for proofing and small quantity production. Different ingredients, different weight, different feeling, meet different needs. Friends are welcome to inquire!

        Elastic cloth area:

        Mainly for ammonia polyester and nylon, polyester and ammonia, ammonia, T/C, cotton Lycra different weight and composition. Cotton polyester imitation: Imitation cotton elastic cloth, ammonia, ammonia Imitation cotton elastic fabric.

        Sanding, brushed district:

        Fleece and pull flannel polyester ammonia and Ni ammonia, single sided sanding have.

        Swimwear fabric area:

        For more than 80, +20 ammonia swimwear fabric, and Caty (71 ne +29 ammonia) and a small amount of polyester ammonia swimwear fabric and superfine swimwear fabric.

        Mesh region:

        All kinds of cloth lattice such as: high elastic butterfly net, butterfly, butterfly nets, mesh cloth, warp knitted cellular honeycomb jacquard cloth, bird eye fabric (needle), eye cloth, cloth, cloth, cat Hawkeye triangulation net, four angle, Gypsophila, pore mesh, square mesh, pique, fine pattern of the word net, computer jacquard cloth and so on.

        The composite cloth area:

        Composite napped, sanding, mesh composite, elastic knitted fabric composite, composite +TPU, spandex, nylon woven elastic, peach skin, twill peach skin, 320T polyester pongee, 210T lining and a variety of digital printing cloth etc..