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      • LOGO說明
        Italy MONTI ANTONIO heat transfer machine

        monti antonio heat transfer machine is the most high-end of the market. Transfer product high-definition, high-precision, high color fastness, low loss rate. In addition to the fabric can be transferred into the volume, but also can transfer the pieces, the use of the transfer sheet into a roll of a single pattern or a continuous pattern. The ingenious design ensures that heat transfer machine the monti Antonio obvious advantages in the field, it greatly reduces the cost of production, at the same time significantly increase production.

      • LOGO說明
        ColorDot professional sublimation transfer ink

        Professional color correction processing, color screen is brighter, and restore good, no plug, after the transfer does not fade, washable, wear-resistant, suitable for continuous printing.

      • LOGO說明
        Confidence in textiles "Confidence in Textiles"

        confidence in textiles confidence textiles "is a slogan, also a proof textiles by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Oeko-tex ? Standard 100) is based on the detection of harmful substances standard attached label.

        Confidence in textiles - under the slogan guidelines, the independent test institutes of the International Oeko-Tex Association since 1992, in accordance with the Oeko-Tex ? Standard 100 standards of various textile testing for harmful substances, in order to ensure the the textiles health harmlessness. Of the textile industry and clothing industry enterprises in globalization increasingly fine division of labor in the textile production, with the birth of the Oeko-Tex ? Standard Catalog, they first have a uniform, scientifically based measure of the presence of harmful substances in the textile may evaluation criteria.

      • LOGO說明
        Italy J-TECK sublimation ink

        Italy J-TECK sublimation ink, J-teck3 environment-friendly product line-J-Eco first appearance since 2005 in Munich Federation of European Screen Printing gained great success. In recent years, due to the use of nanodots technology, product quality is further improved. This technique makes the presence of nanoscale particles of pigment in the production process.

        Separate ink supply unit by "simple insert the ink cartridge is connected to the digital printers to achieve CISS. Using ink supply systems bring many advantages to the operation and image print quality:

        1. Sustained pressure to the nozzle, you can get better image quality and print continuity.

        Ink fully utilized, without wasting

        3. Continuous 24-hour work, and do not need to suspend production can be replaced color.

        4 can be used on all types of printers on the market.

        5 to slow down the frequency of replacement of the ink

      • LOGO說明
        SA8000 social responsibility standard certification

        SA8000 social responsibility standards, the abbreviation of the Social Accountability 8000, is the world's first code of ethics of international standards. Its purpose is to ensure that the suppliers of the products, and are in compliance with the requirements of the standards of social responsibility. The SA8000 standard applies to all over the world, in any industry, companies of all sizes. Based on the ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, are set of international standards for third-party certification body audit.